Typesetter CMS

Open source CMS written in PHP focused on ease of use with true WYSIWYG editing and flat-file storage.



  1. Download the latest stable release of Typesetter from TypesetterCMS.com

  2. Upload the extracted contents to your server

  3. Using your web browser, navigate to the folder you just uploaded the unzipped contents to

  4. Complete the installation form and submit

You can find more detailed installation information on TypesetterCMS.com


Submitting bug fixes and enhancements is easy:

  1. Log in to GitHub

  2. Fork the Typesetter Repository
    • https://github.com/Typesetter/Typesetter
    • Click “Fork” and you’ll have your very own copy of the Typesetter source code at https://github.com/{your-username}/Typesetter
  3. Edit files within your fork. This can be done directly on GitHub.com at https://github.com/{your-username}/Typesetter

  4. Submit a Pull Request (tell Typesetter about your changes)
    • Click “Pull Request”
    • Enter a Message that will go with your commit to be reviewed by core committers
    • Click “Send Pull Request”

Multiple Pull Requests and Edits

When submitting pull requests, it is extremely helpful to isolate the changes you want included from other unrelated changes you may have made to your fork of Typesetter. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use a different branch for each pull request. There are a number of ways to create branches within your fork, but GitHub makes the process very easy:

  1. Start by finding the file you want to edit in Typesetter’s code repository at https://github.com/Typesetter/Typesetter.
  2. Once you have located the file, navigate to the code view and click “Edit”. For example, if you want to change the /include/common.php file, the “Edit” button would appear on this page: https://github.com/Typesetter/Typesetter/blob/master/include/common.php
  3. Now, edit the file as you like then click “Propose File Change”